Achab wins silver medal in World Grand Prix Finals in Baku

15 December 2016

Jaouad Achab won a silver medal in the World Grand Prix Final (G8) in Baku, Azerbeidzjan in weightclass -68.

The Belgian superstar took revenge in the semis for his loss against Denisenko at the Rio Olympics. In the final  Achab was confronted once again with Korean Lee Daehoon.After a fierce fight Achab lost 4-5 to Daehoon.

Other BTF-athletes, Mourad Laachroui and Salaheddine Bensalah, competed in the -58 class. Laachroui went out in the second round. Bensalah advanced to the semi-finals, lost against Navarro and fought for bronze agaist Tortosa Cabrera from Spain. The Antwerp native was very close tot a medal but lost 3-4.vlcsnap-2015-05-18-17h54m55s219

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