WTF grants membership of the new Belgian Taekwondo Federation

3 November 2015

The BTF’s membership application has been received and reviewed by the WTF and from November 2, 2015, the WTF grants Belgian Taekwondo Federation a provisional membership. Belgian Taekwondo Federation now has the right to participate in all WTF events.

The membership application for full membership will be put forward for approval of the General Assembly next year of 2016.

It is the hope of the WTF that taekwondo will be further developed and promoted in Belgium through the affiliation with the WTF and with close cooperation between the BTF and the WTF.



Belgian Federations

The Belgian Taekwondo Federation has three officials members
Association Belge Francophone de Taekwondo
Taekwondo Vlaanderen
Taekwondo Verband der D.G.
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