Early exit for Abdullah Sediqi and Jaouad Achab at the Olympics

3 August 2021

Former World Champion Jaouad Achab (Belgium) and Abdullah Sediqi (World Refugee Team) were eliminated in the first round at the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokio.

Jaouad Achab took a suprising loss against Dominican Bernardo Pie in the opening round of the -68 tournament. As Pie could not advance tot the finals, Achab didn’t get a chance for a bronze medal contest. Nevertheless, a great performance by Achab to reach two Olympic Games in a row.

Abdullah Sediqi is an athlete who trains with the Flemish Topsport Team but competes under the flag of the World Refugee Team. He was granted a spot at the Olympic Games by the IOC. In Tokio Abdullah was very unlucky to face olympic champion Zhao in the first round. He gave his all but lost by close gap against the Chinese powerhouse.

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