Jaouad Achab and Abdullah Sediqi ready to shine at Tokyo Olympics

15 June 2021

The Belgian Taekwondo Federation is looking forward to a glorious summer! For the second time in a row the Belgian Taekwondo Federation is competing in the biggest sports event of the planet. 

Achab on a mission in Tokio

Former world champion Jaouad Achab is ready to represent his country in Tokio. It will be his second olympic tournament after a succesful debut at the 2016 olympics in Rio De Janeiro. Achab finished at a historical 5th place in Rio. A wonderful performance follewed bij his BTF colleague Raheleh Asemani. Now, Jaouad says ‘I’ve learnt a lot since then. I’m fully focused and more experienced now. I will do my best to win a medal for Belgium in Tokio.’

Abdullah ‘the dream chaser’ Sediqi   

The second taekwondo athlete in Tokio from Belgium is Abdullah Sediqi! Abdullah lives and trains in Belgium but he competes under the flag of the ‘World Refugee Team’. Abdullah came to Belgium in the year 2015 because the situation in his home country was not safe anymore. He introduced himself at a Brussels bound taekwondo club and a few months later started to train with the Flemish Topsport Team.  

Thanks to the refugee program of the IOC and the support of Sport Vlaanderen Abdullah was able to continue to chase his olympic dream. With succes! in june 2021 he was granted a spot at the olympics as a member of the World Refugee Team. Sediqi will compete in the -68 class. The same class as Jaoaud Achab.

We wish both gentlemen all the succes at the Tokio 2021 olympics.  

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