Results Belgian athletes Rio 2016

31 May 2016

Belgium Taekwondo Federation athletes Raheleh Asemani, Jaouad Achab and Si Mohamed Ketbi participated in their first olympic tournament in Rio de Janeiro.

Si Mohamed Ketbi (18) was one of the youngest athletes in his category (-58). Against the much more experienced Safwan Khalil, Ketbi didn’t find the answers and lost 1-8.  No chance at repechage because Khalil was eliminated before the finals.

Clash of the titans

Jaouad Achab (23) started like a rollercoaster. Wins against Max Kassman (15-1) and Karol Robak (9-7) earned him a spot in the semis against Denisenko. In a defensive fight the Russian took the advantage in the third round. Achab lost 1-6 but still had a chance for a bronze medal. A great fight against Lee Daehoon was his share. Achab did everything he could but lost 7-11 to the number one seed.

Golden point against Asemani

Raheleh Asemani (27) proved to be al lot stronger than Carolina Carstens in her first round. The second round was another cup of tea for Raheleh, with olympic champion Jade Jones from the UK in the other corner. Asamani couldn’t surprise the Golden Girl and lost 2-7. Next camp, Ballal from Morocco to enter the bronze medal fight. After winning against Bakkal, a painful upset for Raheleh against Wahba. In a nervebreaking fight, the Egyptian took the lead in the golden round.

“These were the Olympics. You can’t afford the slightest mistake in the hunt for medals. But what an experience”, said BTF-coach Karim Dighou.






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