Seminar Kukkiwon Demonstration

29 September 2021

Sunday, September 26th, the official Kukkiwon Demo Team gave a very succesful seminar for the members of the Belgian Taekwondo Federation. At the end of the day, everyone agreed on one thing: that it had been tremendously enjoyable and educational. 

On Saturday, September 25, the public enjoyed two demonstrations by the Kukkiwon Demoteam at the Place Brouckère in Brussels on the Korean National Day. One day later the athletes of the Kukkiwon Demo Team took the Belgian taekwondo practitioners of ABFT, Taekwondo Vlaanderen and TVDSG into their world for a day.

In sports hall Erasmus in Brussels, 100 brave taekwondoïn were educated in the world of Martial Arts Tricking. In the afternoon the students were divided into four groups and were successively taught backflip, multiple kicks, pivot kicks and height kicks.

We would like to thank the Korean Cultural Center and the Kukkiwon Demo Team for making this fantastic event possible.


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